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2.0 movie-Top 10 facts on Robot two point zero,Cast,Trailer & Release Date

2.0 Movie-Top 10 facts on Robot 2-Cast,Trailer & Release Date

Today we are going to talk about superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, the upcoming film Robot 2.0 movie.This film is going to be expected this year.So today we are going to tell you Top 10 facts about Robot 2.0.

Top 10 Facts about Robot 2.0 Movie

2.0 movie-Top 10 facts on Robot two point zero,Cast,Trailer & Release Date

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  • 10) According to sources, Rajinikanth is going to take 5 roles in this film.This includes a scientist, a robot, two dwarfs, and a badman, are the main characters played by the Superstar Rajanikant.But this is not the case with Akshay Kumar and his fans.His fans also can enjoy a brilliant performance by Akshay in many roles too.For his take on the villain role, it took about 3 hours. For that Akshay had to come early on the set.
  • 9) In this film, the actress is Amy Jackson.Amy is playing the main role in the film opposite to Rajinikanth.The previous film ‘I’ was from the creator and director Shankar. Although the film’s director did not say the roles played by Amy Jackson in this film. However, during a launch in Dubai, Amy and Rajinikanth standing in front of promotion. In this photo, Amy was looking in the form of a robot.It is possible that Amy is playing the role of the robot in this film. According to sources, this may be a possibility in the film that Amy and Chitti, the Robot may be having a romance between them.robot 2.0 movie cast

2.0 Movie Trailer

The movie trailer and release was expected in April.But it was later discussed to be released in the month of August.Watch below Top 10 facts about Movie with amazing animations.Please turn on English Subtitle.

  • 8) Now to keep secrecy, the security of the film is being taken care of in a big manner.It is not even permissible for people who are working on the set to keep their mobile phones. They also do not have permission to talk about the film outside the set also. However, for some reason, one photo of Akshay Kumar’s role in the film was leaked
  • 7) There are 5 songs in the film’s Soundtrack, which was made by A R Rahman. Rahman says it was very difficult to compose music for this movie. They said that with the theme of 2.0, he would make a wonderful music which can be enjoyed by all within India and outside.One song of this film was going to be shot on Ukraine because the reason that Rajinikanth was hospitalized it was not done.For this, the film’s director also helped to make VFX in India which helped to save crores.With the help of VFX many songs of this movie was shot which made it unique and charging. According to the movie’s director, some parts of this film can be excluded because which this film was based on science fiction which makes it unique and new.

Robot 2.0 Movie is the second part of Movie Enthiran

  • 6) While many people are going to know this movie as Robot 2, we know that in reality, it’s Robot 2.0. This new the name suggests that this movie can offer a new advanced look to Robot’s character in the movie.
    It is learned from sources they thought of the name of the film as ‘Robot 2’ but because of some laws, it was not possible.Later, it was named as ‘Robot 2.0’, which is a little trendy.enthiran
  • 5) This film is basically the second part of Enthiran, Robot which was released in 2010. (Robo in Telugu).Later it won the Indian National Film Award, 3 Filmfare Awards, and 2 Screen Awards. While Rajinikanth was playing the role of  Dr. Vasekar and Chitti in a dual role.Akshay Kumar is playing the role of Dr.Richard. Amy Jackson is playing the role of female Robot.

Robot 2.0 Movie Cast and Information Video

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  • 4) Usually, films are shot in 2D, then they are replaced in 3D. However, this is the first movie in India which has been directly shot in 3 D. This movie climax is shooted on Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium of New Delhi and the rest in Chennai E.V.P. film city. In this film, its cost has increased in its attempt to give a sense of future.The film is supposed to be broadcast in 15 different languages. It is in addition to the film made in Hindi, English, Telugu, the film is will also be dubbed in Chinese, Japanese, and other international languages. This is the first of film which will be released in many languages.Dubbing of this film took a long time of 3 months.
  • 3) Before the robot 2.0, it was expected Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger to be part of the film.Because his pay was high he was excluded by the producer.He was replaced with Akshay Kumar.Kamal Haasan, Amir Khan, and Vikram too were asked to become part of the film but refused.Now in this movie, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson are willing to take a lead role.

Satellite Rights-A comparison between Baahubali 2 and Robot 2.0

  • 2) The film’s Satellite Rights has been invested in a huge amount of Rs.1100 crores. Surprising Zee TV has purchased Satellite rights of all the regional languages versions including Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.The payment of such a huge amount of money has not been paid for the film’s Satellite Rights. Before that satellite Rights of Bahubali 2 was sold for 100 crores, but the Robot 2 has broken this record.Bahubali
  • 1) Robot 2.0 is the highest budget movie in Bollywood and Asia’s second highest budget film.This film has been made in a budget of 400 crores. The reason for this is that many of the film’s stunt scents were done by International technicians and experts have been included in this film. This film has included a fight scene with Rajinikanth and Akshay.Only 20 crores have been spent on the scene of the fight. The VFX has been used in the film which also made it costly. The makeup of Akshay Kumar was done by the make-up artist of Hollywood ‘Sean Woot’ turned out to be worth 440 million has been spent in the film’s.First of all, Bollywood’s high budget was one of the most popular Bollywood movies, Baahubali which was made in the budget of 250 crores. But now it is Robot 2.0. which is created in the budget of 400 crores.This left Baahubali 2 behind by making this as one of the high priced films.

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