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10 Famous College and High School Dropouts who were Successful [List]

World’s Top 10 College Dropouts Who Have become Millionaires

Hello friends, welcome to our channel Top 10 Hindi. Today we are going to talk about such veterans who have not completed their studies but have achieved great success in their life. Not only that, we all see them and want to make them like them. We have included 5 Indians and 5 foreigners in this video

1) Sachin Tendulkar

If there is a name in the history of cricket that resonates with us, then that is Sachin Tendulkar. They are called God of Cricket because Sachin is a great batsman and he has made many records in cricket too. But do you know that Sachin has not studied much. Sachin has studied only till tenth, after which he gave his full time to cricket. We all know how successful Sachin got in cricket and how successful he is. Studies have never been made for them, and they have earned a lot of name and fame in the game. 

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2) Bill Gates

Who does not know Bill Gates It is the richest person in the world and is also Microsoft’s founder. But did you know that Bill Gates had enrolled in Harvard University and he decided to leave his studies in the middle and start his own company, which we know today as Microsoft. Bill Gates himself also says that he is among Harvard’s most successful dropouts and also proud of this. Now think of yourself if you left college and you became the most ambitious person in the world, what else would you do?

3) Mary Kom

Mary Kom won the pride of India when she won the medal in boxing at the Olympics. Yes, Marie Com is the most successful Lady’s Boxer in India, who has also made the movie. You would be surprised to know that Mary had left the school in the middle so that she could make her career in boxing. In today’s date, Mary has made herself a successful boxer and there are millions of girls who want to make Marie kom. She has earned a lot of name in her game and the whole world knows Marie Kom. Mary is an example that if you do any work diligently, you definitely get its price and there is nothing to do with dropout from school or college.

4) Steve Jobs

Who does not know Apple company founder Steve Jobs? He brought a special change in the technology world with Apple. Today it is such a situation that more than half the world uses Apple phones, laptops. But a truth about Steve, very few people know that at the age of 19, he had left the college. The main reason for this was that Steve’s family were unable to pay for their studies. But Steve Jobs was so insolent that he started learning by himself and Apple became the company’s creator. Today Steve is not in our middle but his thinking is that even if you are a college dropout, but where can the skilled man reach the person?

5) Aishwarya Rai

We are all lovers of world beauty Aishwarya Rai. Aishwarya has given India a new identity in Vishva. They have reproduced India in different worlds. Aishwarya left the study of architecture in the middle to make a career in modeling. But his tone was painted and he became Miss World’s winner in 1994. After that Aishwarya never looked back. After one success, Aishwarya has done a successful film and there are people in the heart of the people. He is still considered the most beautiful face of the world.

6) Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a famous name in the world of business that everyone has heard. They have the hand in setting up a large company after one and they have got success in life too. Muak is famous for his company SpaceX and Tesla Corporation. But did you know that Mukhs had thought of doing PhD from Sanford University and they had only dropout from there after 2 days of admission because they had to run their own company. In today’s date, you will not believe that they have a wealth of 1940 million and 3 is a big company that they themselves run.

7) Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh ambaniIn India, all of us want to be the Ambanis, we have heard it many times. The name of Ambani is much bigger than the name of the bigger one. Mukesh Ambani has delivered Reliance on top of success. Mukesh had enrolled for his MBA in Stanford, but he left his studies only because he wanted to work together with his father Dhirubhai Ambani. What was that then, Mukesh Ambani has achieved so much success that he is counted among the second richest person in Asia.

8) Walt Disney

walt diseney

The first thing to hear about Disney’s name is that I think of a Mickey Mouse-like Cartoon Characters. Walt Disney is the creator of all the cartoon characters and has composed such a number for which Disney has been awarded 22 times Oscars. Walt Disney was so fond of drawing a picture that he had left his studies at the age of 16. He achieved success in the world of such cartoons and animation which is far beyond imagination. They have both Naam and Shauharat, and even today we are crazy about Disney cartoons and kids like to watch them.

9) Kapil Dev

Henry FordKapil Dev is one of India’s most successful cricketers, because in his captaincy, India won its first Cricket World Cup in 1983. Its was a time when Kapil Dev had the highest number of wickets in the history of Test cricket. He was also awarded the Cricketer of the Century for this. Coil Dev was the All-rounder and was the star of Indian cricket. But Kapil has himself said in one of his interviews that whatever success he has got in the field of cricket, he will be sorry for the one thing that he did not complete his studies. Even today, he calls the emphasis on education to young people.

10) Henry Ford

Henry FordIf you have Ford’s car then you must know Henry Ford. Henry Ford started the Ford company and today he is a famous company in making the car. Very few people would have known that Ford had left his studies at the age of 16, because he had to make a car and this was his dream. This dream gave them success and they also earned a lot of money. You can guess from here that they left no stone unturned, they did not make any mistake, but in the hollow of history, they became immortal forever.

So these were our top 10 dropouts today who have achieved a high level in life. In our comment section, tell us which of these are your idiots and if you get the chance, then you would like to be like. Do not forget to write and subscribe to our channels.

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