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Places in India you are not allowed to Visit

This video is about top places in India you are not allowed to visit.These places are restricted due to military, government orders as well as due to security reasons.While making this video we made a small mistake by adding Bastar to it.Bastar is a Naxalite area in India where many Army jawans have laid their lives for the country.But Bastar is a fully inhabited area and there is no problem in visiting that area now.It is also a favorite tourist place now.We also made a mistake on Gurudongmar.It is a lake but not the river.You can visit this place with permission from Sikkim government and Indian armed forces.Gurudongmar is a lake and not a river as mentioned in our video.The UNO hotel was shut down and later opened and it is now available for any persons.

Then which are the places you are not allowed and with Permission?

There is another Naxal affected area Narayanpur where a permit is necessary to visit and near AP CG border.
There is another place in Chennai which is haunted and fewer visitors go by.The place name is demonte Colony.There have been movies made on this topic.But many have marked this information as fake.The other places which you are not allowed are Lakshadeep.Lakshadweep can only be visited with permission.You can travel via ship in Kochi Lakshadweep Route.Anyway, clarity is required.I have heard that there are some places in Goa Indians are not allowed.There is a place near Pune¬†where many Jews are living and full military protected area.It has been told that David¬†headly was living in the nearby area. There’s one more place: Nidhivan nikunj, Vrindavan some persons not allowed.Please do not make exaggerated facts but correct facts only.Please also find out other places which are famous in India for paranormal activity.

I have collected here about 5 places you need to find 5 more yourself but it should not be fake.It should be correct information.Many You can get it from the Quora site.

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